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● disliked William.But he fore▓saw trouble, and advised me earnestly ▓to wait until some other plan could be consi▓dered.I would not, and went to Mr●.Fullerton.

She shuddered involun▓tarily as she mentioned the name●, but after only an instant's pause went on. ●From what I had learned from Arthur about t▓he law of the case, I

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ay nothing to him about the le▓tters.I told him that William had left me ●twelve years before and never bee▓n heard from, and on that stat●ement the divorce was granted without difficu▓lty.Then you and I were married. ● She paused, but they all felt that ?/p>

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ther strength to▓ go on, and no one spoke. The f●irst intimation I had that there was going● to be trouble came a year ago last summer.Mr.●Fullerton was in New York and he came to see● me.He wanted money.I could not understand at▓ first, but he soon made it unmistaka●bly clear.He had f

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the letters●, and he said that the divorce was● therefore fraudulent and witho▓ut effect, and my marriage void. He●r voice fluttered as though, in spite● of her will, it was slipping away from▓ her control.Broughton groaned. W▓hy didn't you tell

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駉od heavens, that was a matter for a man to● deal with. I didn't dare.I was afraid to ▓have you know, I was afraid of t▓he scandal,--of your scorn,--of eve●rything.I was simply terrified out of my se▓nses.I couldn't think straight●.I only wanted to keep

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ing o▓ut,--to hush it up and keep it unk▓nown.So--I sold some jewels and paid him the mo▓ney he wanted and he went away.But I was▓ sick for a month,--do you remember▓ If you had only told m●e! But what could you have d▓one There would have been no●thing possible but to put me awa▓

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ought of that was worst of all.Or● I thought so then. Broughton stared.He w▓as just beginning to see the far-reaching● effects involved in the situation. ● I hoped the matter was settl▓ed, Mrs.Broughton resumed, ▓but a few months later I received a